Wine producers climb on the ‘skinsy’ bandwagon

3 thoughts on “Wine producers climb on the ‘skinsy’ bandwagon”

  1. Andrew Scott says:

    Um… The title of this article seems to be about “natural wines” yet the article itself is mostly about amber wines…

    Unless I’m missing something aren’t ‘natural wines’ produced with no additions and minimal intervention? I’m not entirely sure where the link with skin contact comes in? Sure, some ‘natural’ wines are amber but not all of them and certainly not all amber wines are ‘natural’!

    As professional wine communicators, it’s our role to clear up these popular misconceptions, not perpetuate them:

    For the sake of clarity in Australia, we should be pushing the distinction that amber wines are made on skins and Orange wines come from Orange.

    Natural / organic / biodynamic doesn’t HAVE to be ‘funky’ or cloudy or oxidised or amber. (But it’s ok if it’s intentionally so… as long as it’s still sound!)

    ‘Natural’ is no excuse for faulty wine making.
    Nor is organics, nor biodynamics.

    Sulphur free wine is a myth.



  2. Louis Schofield says:

    Hi Huon, nice to feature some interesting, experimental wines here, though I think you might be correct in saying some of these are a result of producers jumping on a bandwagon. I have an issue though, with your use of the term ‘natural’ here which I believe to be wholly inaccurate and misleading. The wines you’ve focused on have something in common and that’s that they’re extended skin contact wines made from white grapes. There’s no mention of additions or alterations in the winery, which these wines may well have had. Someone of your experience and influence should not be perpetuating this misnomer. Perhaps you need to change the title of the feature. And maybe write about some more traditional style wines that are made without winemaking intervention.

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      Yes, the intro was wrong to mention ‘natural’ wines, and after my attention was drawn to that, I’ve changed it. (I didn’t write the headline, but that reflected the intro.) The rest of the comments stand.

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