Wine Odyssey closes

7 thoughts on “Wine Odyssey closes”

  1. smaky says:

    As an ex-pat entrepreneur from California,it is imperative for us everywhere to confront our arch nemesis, the
    bloody BUREAUCRAZY at all twists and turns especially if we are right.Their hatred and jealousy of entrepreneurial creative free thinkers is not worthy of free power rides at their behest.Its capital graft and corruption, even if money doesn’t change hands.Please fight back until it hurts…….THEM!

    Mark Semmens
    Marions Vineyard

  2. Matt McDonald says:

    And my old Sydney friends and colleagues ask my why I’m still so happy that I moved to Melbourne… enjoyed a alfresco $10 glass of Lagrein rose without food or questions at the bar on top of Taxi Kitchen (Fed Square) after lunch today, looking over the Yarra and down past the Arts Precinct. Rents obviously more sensible here, and owners of landmark sites / precincts understand the role that great casual bars can play in showing off a world city at its best.

  3. Sancho says:

    Casino Mike strikes again!

  4. Veronica says:

    Such a wonderful independent business offering a refuge that takes you back in time. Who’s going to take responsibility for ripping someone’s live hood away? Have these decision makers ever stepped foot inside? I’m guessing not. You can hold your heads up high Angie & Lyn.

  5. garrulousgg says:

    As someone known to me has said, a once beautiful city is being ruined by thugs and government, with the two often overlapping.

  6. Niall Connaughton says:

    The “more relevant tenant” part sounds like “more lucrative” or “closer friends to the authority”. Wine Odyssey was obviously relevant to the tourist market coming off the cruise liners, I would have thought.

    Is the Lowenbrau across the road “more relevant”? Probably more lucrative.

    Sad to see them go, it was nice to have a list of options of lesser known wine makers and interesting NSW choices. The bottle shop had some good quality stuff in there too.

  7. Michele Round, Pinot Shop TAS says:

    Ladies, I am heartbroken on your behalf. And not just as a woman running her own independent liquor store but as a reasonable-thinking human being who can’t fathom the actions of bureaucracy – it is completely bewildering. I sincerely wish you all the best for your new, fantastic venture because I’ve no doubt there will be one!

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