NZ’s best dry Rieslings

3 thoughts on “NZ’s best dry Rieslings”

  1. Brad says:

    Bob, Riesling represents incredible value currently in Australia, with many outstanding brands below $20. You are absolutely correct regarding increased transparency of the sweetness scale. Riesling is making a long comeback from the sickly sweet perception associated with it a couple of decades ago. I run a decent size wine club and have to overcome this negative to convince members to give them a go. Thanks for the great newsletter.

  2. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    I haven’t tasted it but will make a point of doing so. Thanks.

  3. Mark Hubbard (@MarkHubbard33) says:

    We dined at Roots (Lyttelton) on Saturday night, for their 8 course degustation, and the fish dish was paired with a 2010 Peregrine Riesling: very dry, and gorgeous.

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