A few pet hates

9 thoughts on “A few pet hates”

  1. Louise Duff says:

    Thanks for clearing up varietal vs variety. As an avid learner I’m seeing varietal used as a noun and thought it looked odd!

  2. laurie134 says:

    Agree with your observation on Rose`s
    It’s pathetic a winemaker can’t list the varieties (even if it is a blend)

  3. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    Sorry for singling your wine out Eileen. The illustration was meant to display the use of a magnifying glass and was not intended to criticise your label which is not difficult to read.

    1. Eileen Voysey says:

      Good to know!

  4. Eileen Voysey says:

    Do appreciate your comments, though hope our Heart of Gold which you pictured is a positive example rather than negative.We meet all your requirements re the labels but cannot be sure our bubbles have never ejaculated on your keyboard. It helps if they are cold and opened in a non hazardous area.

  5. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    I quite agree, and a big pat on the back for all producers who use the International Riesling Federation sweetness scale.

  6. benpaul12 says:

    Mine would be Riesling not including indications as to whether or not it’s drier or sweeter in style…

  7. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    It was not an experience I’d recommend.

  8. John Phillips says:

    Bob, I share all of your pet hates, although to date I have not had a sparkling wine ejaculate on my keyboard…

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