Lubiana buys Panorama vineyard

2 thoughts on “Lubiana buys Panorama vineyard”

  1. Huon Hooke
    Huon Hooke says:

    No disrespect intended. I knew Michael and Sharon in the past, enjoyed their company and admired their efforts. I know nothing of recent events but if there are wounds that I’ve inadvertently rubbed salt into, I regret it.

  2. Steve Smith says:

    Dear Huon,
    as much as I appreciate the sentiment behind this post, I find that it is somewhat distasteful at the same time.
    As you mentioned, the previous owners of Panorama, Michael and Sharon Vishacki, had been struggling over the last couple of years. They had been trying to sell the vineyard for about the last 3 years, and had a couple of offers fall over at the last hurdle during that time. Although giving everything they had to their business for around 20 years, and being at a point in life when they would otherwise be easing towards retirement, my understanding is that the bank re-possessed the business leaving them with nothing for their efforts. In such a situation, comments such as yours must be rubbing salt into a very raw wound.
    For the record, I agree with some of your thoughts about the winemaking, but have tried to offer constructive feedback to them on occasions rather than comments after the fact, from behind the safe barrier of the internet.
    I wonder if, instead, some support to these lovely people from people such as yourself to improve their wines might have helped them build their label, and made the business a more sale-able prospect.
    Perhaps the final question to be asked, is if the vineyard is such a prize with such great potential, why is it that Steve Lubiana did not buy the vineyards directly from Michael and Sharon, but allowed them to be run off the land before buying the vineyard back from the bank?

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