The Pinot Shop – just like wine shops used to be

3 thoughts on “The Pinot Shop – just like wine shops used to be”

  1. John says:

    You don’t need to go to Tassie to find good stores Houn, we have them right here in Sydney. I will no doubt suggest mine The WINE stores at east Ryde and Bonds Cnr , the oak barren in the city, Vaucluse cellars , five way in paddington, Best cellars in East Sydney and regional NSW like Thiroull cellars , Coledale cellars and beery wines .. All fantastic all with great range and knowledge and all with an online presence

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      You’re right, we still have several excellent independent shops in the Sydney area, despite the relentless growth of the supermarket retailers. It assume you meant Justin Lill’s wine and craft beer shop in Berry: if so, I agree 100%.

  2. Kevin Schoenmaker says:

    Could not agree more. Do any wine lovers fondly remember Judy from the much missed Richmond Hill Wine store in Melbourne? As a novice I was always treated a valued customer, never patronised, science blinded or dismissed. $40.00 was quite a sum for me to spend back then and she, and her staff always made sure my $40.00 was well spent. Michele Round is her successor. I recently witnessed a young bloke being looked after by Michele. He wanted to buy a special bottle of Champagne for his girlfriends birthday. His budget didn’t allow for Krug or Dom and he readily said he was new to wine, he walked out smiling with a bottle of Moët vintage. Something he and his girlfriend would recognise but a rung or two up from the standard NV. Service 101 right there. A minor observation because it’s supposed to be all about what’s in the bottle, the packaging is marketing etc..would you prefer to be sold a bottle of beautiful anything from a 30 something in un-ironed shirt and Ned Kelly beard who hasn’t worked out the difference between spin and wisdom, or would you like some honest, articulate care from a woman who is always beautifully groomed and dressed, like her store and webpage? The worst case senario from shopping at Pinotshop is ” wine not madly me but didn’t Michele rock a fabulous frock..” When Michele is not there, Phil will look after you to the same high standard but alas is not as fetching in Max Mara.

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