I smell a rat!

One thought on “I smell a rat!”

  1. gbowering says:

    Hi Bob. Good tip. Have you tried doing the same with a large glass of water rather than coffee beans? Water works for me in resetting the nose for most (and possibly all) wine, beer and food aromas.

    It also seems to help when tasting high alcohol wines with the nose burn rapidly dissipated. I have to say that the tactic is more a, as we used to say, ‘damn good honk’ rather than a sniff… which some see as a bit weird when done in mixed company!

    It seems, I believe, that a good long draw of humid air through the nose works to clear the receptors. It’s something I’ve used on aircraft to get a real sense of the wine – always get a water as well as the wine. Whether it’s ‘real’ or not I do not know as it’s not a controlled environment nor double-blind. I’d love to find out,

    Good luck on finding the rat. If not. don’t ‘honk’ a water as it’ll come back. Unless you have that screwdriver in hand and are in a hunt for the carcass! 🙂

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