‘Black snake’ will soon be permitted in winemaking

2 thoughts on “‘Black snake’ will soon be permitted in winemaking”

  1. Silk Road Reversed says:

    As a young winemaker back in the days when we paid by the ton, regardless of quality, I can clearly recall growers either leaving their trucks out in the rain, or applying a liberal amount of hose water before going to the weigh bridge. One enterprising grower even fitted water tanks under his tray and quietly emptied them before being weighed out. At least it didn’t end up in the juice….

  2. Pseudo Nimm says:

    Interesting to see if the grower, who is paid a price per t, will be paid $/L of water added otherwise it creates another advantage for the winery in the negotiations for the purchae of grapes and artificially put downward pressure on grape prices.

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