Artadi quits Rioja DOC appellation

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  1. Mahmoud Ali says:

    Rioja from the 70s, the reservas and gran reservas, famously attracted consumers with their lighter, ethereal wines scented with old American oak. Traditional Rioja has been left behind by the race towards consumers who want darker, deep-fruited wines in the international vein. While they may be good wines they will lose what distinguished Rioja for me. In a blind tasting one always knew when it was Rioja. Now, I can be served a 2001 Caceres Reserva and think I’m in Bordeaux. Meanwhile, a ’96 Valdemar Crianza had my friends going straight to Rioja.

    A few weeks ago I spotted an Artadi wine discounted to half price. Who knows what it was in the Artadi scheme of things. Instead, for much the same price I went for the second wine of a Priorat producer. I knew it would taste of Priorat, the Artadi a Tempranillo styled to be something international. Had the Artadi been Lopez de Heredia or La Rioja Alta, then we’d be talking.

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      I have some sympathies with your position: some of the greatest Spanish wine’s I’ve drunk have been old Riojas from the traditional producers you name. And the most recent Artadis I’ve drunk have been so fruity and full of new oak they could have come from anywhere: nobody who shared them with me thought they showed any particular vineyard or regional terroir – which is Artadi’s stated aim. I hope we can continue to enjoy the old as well as the modern styles.

  2. Mike Calneggia says:

    That email address should be . Fat fingers.

  3. Mike Calneggia says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Some of the best Spanish Tempranillo’s I have tasted, particularly Gran Resrva, have seen the beautiful fruit blungeoned by oak, mainly older oak that masks some really beautiful flavours. When we first planted Tempranillo in Margaret River 15 years ago, the goal was to release some of that rich and deep Tempranillo flavour with the addition of a healthy amount of American oak, but new and fresh oak. I think Brian Fletcher has nailed it with the 2013 vintage of the Rosabrook Single Vineyard Tempranillo. If you have yet seen the wine Huon I’ll organise a bottle to be sent to you.

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