Air NZ to offer super-premium wines in business class

5 thoughts on “Air NZ to offer super-premium wines in business class”

  1. Paul Miles, Riwaka River Estate says:

    I agree with Bob’s comment on the rushed service in Economy and sighting of labels, However, to the credit of Air NZ, on one flight I tried a particularly interesting Pinot Noir, made comment on it to the steward and asked to see the bottle. When I arrived at my destination I was given a bottle of that wine to take away with me.

  2. Sue Boland-Vernon says:

    Got to agree – even in economy there are those of us who can discern what we’re drinking! And the selection when I last flew business class wasn’t great. This sounds like a good move.

  3. Ross J W Palmer says:

    Ross Palmer (another Rosco) Parton’s comment indeed arrogant its difficult to even get a second glass of wine in Economy so perhaps they are doing us a favour!

  4. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    I find that service is so rushed in economy that there is often not enough time to see the label. Also the trolleys are too high for easy identification. That said, Air NZ staff are always happy to reveal the identity of the wines in my experience.

  5. Rosco says:

    what a disgusting comment by Parton concerning economy class customers – so typical of Air New Zealand arrogance towards other areas aside from wine being discussed here

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