Who makes the best Pinot Noir?

3 thoughts on “Who makes the best Pinot Noir?”

  1. joe says:


    Thanks for the great reply!

    I remember reading something about acidification before. I’ve Googled it:

    Fifth paragraph here:

    Halfway down here:

    Strangely, I had a superb red Burgundy (a Marsannay) that reminded me much of CO pinot!

  2. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    Hi Joe,
    I doubt that CO Pinot Noir producers would add acid routinely although it is possible in a low acid year like 2014. Dry River certainly make a contentious style that is often criticised for being too robust and “un-Pinot-like”. In my experience they do respond very well to age. Huon subscribed to the “too big” theory but was mightily impressed when I opened a Dry River 2001 at a judges dinner earlier this year. I agree with your comment about Marlborough and Fromm. Giesen is showing enormous promise with their purchase of Clayvin and development of other high quality Pinot vineyards.

  3. joe says:

    Purely personal, of course, but I’m just not a fan of Central Otago pinots. Do they add acid? There’s just something about them. Felton Rd Block 5 is an obvious exception.

    For me, Martinborough is clearly the best region. Ata Rangi being my favourite. Dry River are big and rather one dimensional for me. I’d love to try some with, say, 15 years bottle age on them. Is that what they are about?

    Marlborough make the odd surprisingly good pinot, eg. Fromm.

    Sorry for the indulgence. I guess I pretty much agree with you! Do you understand my controversial view about CO?

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