National Recycling Week

3 thoughts on “National Recycling Week”

  1. Huon Hooke
    Huon Hooke says:

    I guess you’re referring to the statement that caps should not be screwed back onto bottles, Frank? This is because if the bottle (including milk bottles, etc) is closed, they can’t be certain it doesn’t contain something dangerous.

  2. Frank van de Loo says:

    So if the skirt of the screwcap can be recycled after the glass is crushed, surely this would apply to the cap too?

  3. Nick Halkyard says:

    I am a keen recycler and know that the aluminium caps should not be screwed back on the bottle but I didn’t know they could be put in loose into the recycling bin! Just shows the lack of information from Councils on this point. I save all our corks and finally managed to find a local organisation to take them (Girl Guides of all people). As you say though the biggest issue is people putting bottles and cans etc into plastic bags and then in their recycling bin. All these bags are stripped off the conveyor belt at the recycling centre and chucked into landfill. Councils have the technology (each garbage truck is equipped with a camera) to see who is not recycling properly but doesn’t do a thing about it. I have written to our council about this issue again and have not received a reply. Surely a pleasant phone call from a Council bod to the offender to make them aware of what they are doing wrong would fix the problem. Why can’t Australians just confront an issue and say it how it is?!

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