The best shiraz in Australia?

2 thoughts on “The best shiraz in Australia?”

  1. Guy Wright says:

    I have to ask, mainly as I don’t know, but how do they blend oceans if of Shiraz at this level. How could there be a decent level of consistency bottle to bottle? Some someone is making a single or a few barrels then you end up with the same wine in each bottle right?? But how can I know buying some random volume wine off the shelf that what the reviewer is tasting is what I get to taste? I just purchased a bottle of this in a remote location…. same 2014 wine but silver sticker on it… Older batch?

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      It’s a fair call to query if a wine company can truly produce a big volume wine at consistency, bottle to bottle. They don’t necessarily bottle it all in one go, or from the same homogenised tank. The answer is that no reputable wine company (such as Taylors) would risk blotting its copybook by following up an excellent first batch with a second-rate subsequent batch. It’s in their interests to make sure the various batches and bottlings are consistent, and it is impressive how well Australia’s big producers manage to do this. There have been examples in the past of wineries getting caught abusing batch-bottling, notably in New Zealand, but a case has not come to light in recent years. I do think though, that in the future we might hope that batch-bottled wines should wear a batch number. It seems reasonable. And any medals or accolades won by one batch should not be able to be promoted in connection with subsequent batches. It’s a drum I’ve been banging for years but so far, nothing is happening.

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