To wine show or not to wine show?

3 thoughts on “To wine show or not to wine show?”

  1. john griffiths says:

    We entered our 2015 2009 2005 Verdelhos in the WofP class in Perth. Great idea and we received a silver overall. Spoke to a few judges and got our scores and comments. the scores were not published in the results booklet (a bit dumb really). Some judging guidelines for judges and entrants would be good.

    on the whole very good idea and will support.

  2. Tony Winspear says:

    We try to get to as many tastings as possible to benchmark our wines. I believe that is the main
    purpose of the wine show tasting. Having the awards readily available provides the information we require to do this in an efficient and ,most importantly, a well informed manner.
    I also think the provenance class is a major improvement as it offers traditional cellaring styles a chance to shine. We would be happy to see this improved by clear awards allocation at the tasting. And yes we are thinking of entering next year.

  3. Norman Latta says:

    Hi Huon

    Wineshows aren’t our thing, 40 wines in a class, no criteria to qualify as a judge, no agreed benchmark in the line up etc etc.

    However the provenance class seemed to provide a better method to judge the intrinsic values of a producers wine.

    So last year we entered the red class at the 2014 RMWS.

    Turned up at the tasting, picked up the results booklet and for this class and the only medal results published were for gold medals. No opportunity to benchmark against the other wines.

    Surprisingly a month later we received a certificate that a silver medal had been awarded for our 2001, 2006 and 2012 Pinot.

    For thls years class no medals were awarded only the “winner and runner up” were published.

    Go figure?

    I have provided feedback to the RASV but am not holding my breath waiting for feed back.

    Regards Norman Latta

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