Debate rages about ‘own-label’ wines

4 thoughts on “Debate rages about ‘own-label’ wines”

  1. bookman26 says:

    Coles first house-brand was released in 1929. As Wolf Blass admits, the horse has long bolted.

  2. bookman26 says:

    Buyers Own Brand wines existed before the (wonky) Wine Equalisation Tax. Long before.

  3. Andrew Smith says:

    Errrrrr…the whole debate is about the WET rebate….something that was developed to promote regional Australia through winery/ vineyard development. Now I’m sorry that there are winery labels that have their wines made by contract by someone else…just the same as there are retail chains that theoretically own or lease vineyards and winery space to give themselves the WET rebate. Are they entitled? Was that what the WET rebate was developed for?

    NO way. I make and sell my own booze, made from my own and occasionally bought in fruit but made by me own winery. I employ a heap of people to do it, and invest in my own plant to process it.

    now we might have states where there is a mountain of wine labels all produced at the one my experience as a consultant winemaker, they all tend to taste the same. ( same crusher, same press, etc…just how much do you think we winemakers influence the end wine.

    It’s less than you might 1st think.

    So really there is less choice, rather than more in having multiple labels.
    Yes it’s “efficient”…but to me, it’s also false. Tricky.

    The original intent with the WET rebate…something genuine winemakers need…is not for NewZealanders nor Dan Murphys nor theoretical winery’s , nor growers with wines made contract to get some benefit. The original legislation called for a 75 % input into every wine to claim the WET rebate , either as a grower or maker or both to qualify.

    And lets not forget for a second that the big winery company’s have no choice but to pay the full WET. wonder why Industry icons like Great Western have shut down recently?

    Ask the parasitic bludgers getting a WET rebate they shouldn’t be entitled to .

    This probably won’t win many friends with the Coles/Woolies crowd…well…I don’t sell to them anyway. The joys of being truly independent.

  4. bob says:

    It seems like an honesty box at the farm gate , so the supplier and the purchaser need to be honest , more info about the contents would be good , after all wine is not just another product .

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