Madam Woo

4 thoughts on “Madam Woo”

  1. Jo Baker says:

    I have eaten at Madam Woo Takapuna with a group of well travelled friends. We love Asian food and loved the flavour explosions. I would recommend this restaurant. In fact my friends I dined with frequent this restaurant and still rave about it. (p.s. I would too if I lived in Auckland) Well done MADAM WOO.

  2. John Hancock says:

    I had lunch at Madam Woo’s today and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. Sue Story says:

    Thanks Bob, we have not managed to get in yet but have eaten at the one in Queenstown. Had heard negatives though no details, so good to get an intelligent food savvy one! Call us next time you feel like going!

  4. Huon Hooke
    Huon Hooke says:

    OMG, a waiter with a strong Kiwi accent – in Auckland. We can’t have that!

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