NZ wins Six Nations

3 thoughts on “NZ wins Six Nations”

  1. Lex Howard says:

    Huon was obviously having a bad day – or you lot ganged up on him! Can’t believe Australia didn’t win the Chardonnay class…or the Shiraz class. Rigged.

  2. Anita Ewart-Croy says:

    Wow! Great update Bob – amazing result for NZ, and I had not realised how well NZ has been doing in the Syrah class. Very exciting! Wonderful to see NZ so successful in the red and aromatic classes as well as Sauvignon Blanc. Also very interesting to see how well South Africa are doing in the white sections…….!

  3. Benjamin Paul says:

    Awesome to see NZ take out Bordeaux and Red Blends.

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