Marlborough Pinot Noir

2 thoughts on “Marlborough Pinot Noir”

  1. Bob Campbell
    Bob Campbell says:

    I don’t disagree. The rising quality of Marlborough PN does offer a challenge to Central Otago producers.

  2. Benjamin Paul says:

    I haven’t enjoyed Central Otago Pinot as much in recent years because of two reasons; price and changing tastes.

    CO Pinot is just too expensive, if you want quality (88+), you need to spend about $35. In comparison with reds from Hawke’s Bay and Pinots from Marlborough, this is just too expensive QPR. Secondly, I think that Martinborough and especially Marlborough are starting to push the flavour/taste comparatively further ahead.

    I think in the next 10 years we’re going to see major competition for the best percieved region for Pinot. Martinborough should remain top, but Marlborough may bump CO.

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