Is climate change shifting the Chablis goal posts?

One thought on “Is climate change shifting the Chablis goal posts?”

  1. Danny Schuster says:

    From my experience of working with both vineyards and cellars in Italy and California since mid-1980’s to present vintage, I have no doubt that significant shift in the amount of heat and its distribution plays key role in change of wine composition/style in 7-8 vintages out of 10 in the last 30 years. From 100 vintages records at Ch. Margaux (1900-2000) the first 60 years of the 20th century averaged 2 out of 10 vintages that were significantly (25% plus) out of long term averages in the same climatic components (heat/rain etc..) gradually reaching the present levels.
    Review of vintages in Southern hemisphere (Australia/Argentina/NZ) follows the same trend that is no doubt reflected in composition of the grapes at harvest and flavour/aroma profile structure
    of the resulting wines. New chalenges ahead for us all.

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