‘Orange’ wine

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  1. John Russel says:

    “Traditional wine judges, like me, are trained to be suspicious about orange colouration and grippy tannins in white wine”. You’ve hit the nail on the head there Mr Cambell, you are possibly too traditionally trained… Also, what is possibly so far out of your scope of perception to view, and enjoy a ‘white/orange’ raw wine in a simular vien as a naturally well made red wine, the tannin structure, the phenolics, the purity… and the etheriel qaulities that any great wine (with an ounce of truth) should show. Catch up or be left behind, because the wine world is changing for the better!
    Natural/Raw wines are for those wine drinkers with a sense of adventure. Get involved!

  2. Lance Redgwell says:

    I’m currently in Japan where the natural and orange movement is in full swing, what dawned on me yesterday that in a nation with a cultural palate adjusted to tannin rich beverages ie tea without sweetener or milk to soften. The textural profile of skin macerated wines is far from shocking but rather fully embraced. To many kiwis classily structured Bordeaux or burgundy is far to tannic or acid driven to appeal yet with time abroad often a new respect, understanding and appreciation for these wines develop. Cheers!

  3. Stefan de Medici says:

    Good timing for this post. Had a Frescura Pinot Grigio Rosato that Steve Bennett imports at his tasting last night. It was made by Matt Thomson for Liberty Wines, so it’s quite restrained and not at all out there funky. A white wine for red wine drinkers prehaps or a change from a rosé when feeling like something a bit different.

  4. JAkub Jurkiewicz says:

    Orange wines can be very interesting. Their aromas, structure and texture can be a perfect match for some food. I had a chance to try some of the European orange wines and most of them were wonderful. I also trid Pyramid Valley orange Pinot Blanc + Pinot Gris and this was fabulous, full all orange skin, almonds, honey and yeasty aromas. Medium+ body, strong peach and banana on the palate with nutty character, high acidity and medium+ finish.

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