Is Australia better than Burgundy?

One thought on “Is Australia better than Burgundy?”

  1. Silk Road Reversed says:

    Huon, I think you made a salient point in another writeup of this tasting. As I remember, there was a Burgundy winemaker present and his choice was markedly different!

    If we take your observation to its logical extension, the question needs to become “Is Australia better than Burgundy – for Australians?” I am sure the answer is “yes” for quite a few reasons, the principle being familiarity of style.

    Ultimately, with a subjective consumable like wine, is there really ever a “better”? The only test of this that I can imagine would be to take a random sample of “amateur” wine drinkers from three or four countries (not France or its near neighbours, or Australia and New Zealand) and give them a blind tasting of Burgundy and Oz Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

    … then what age should the respective wines be and how reasonable is that comparison?

    …and what relevance has this to anything…?

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