Gisborne is in good heart

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  1. Simon Groves says:

    Visiting the Gisborne region myself two weeks ago I wholeheartedly agree with you Bob that there is an exciting sense of optimism that probably reflects the highly creative and enterprising nature of the people and their love of the place they live in.

    Perhaps through its isolation Gisborne has adapted a very progressive and outward view of where it wants to or could be in the world of wine. Having worked in wine in Gisborne for several years I agree the last 5 or so have really seen some exciting changes.

    I liken what is happening in Gisborne to what happened in some of the old “Bulk Wine” regions of Spain with examples like Extremadura, Toro or Castilla-La Mancha.
    Their renaissance was in producing exciting, high quality good value wines from vineyards once thought as inferior to those of other regions. Really they were just exposing the true potential and how they were sadly overlooked through the appeal of more glamorous wine country.

    The most exciting thing I see in Gisborne these days is a very clear sense of “terroir”. The moment you drive into the Poverty Bay flats you get the sense of horticultural abundance. The fresh, ripe and sometimes plush fruit character of the food from this land emerges also through the wine. A visit to the Saturday morning farmers market allows one to see and enjoy this produce first hand.
    Among growers and the local people you can also feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in the quality of produce that can be presented and enjoyed. This clearly extends to wine as well. This particular market setting feels very rural European! There is a real sense of food and wine culture on display.

    And not to forget the sea. It would be difficult to imagine a region other than Galacia where one can enjoy local food, by the sea, with a glass of local Albarino.

    There is a strong story to sell here and something for producers to be proud of.

    Good on you Gisborne!

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