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Craggy Range 2013 Te Muna Pinot Noir Martinborough $42.95

I recall standing in the Te Muna vineyard that produced this wine while Craggy Range director, Steve Smith, stoically ignored the rain and we all got wet. That was shortly before the Pinot Noir was harvested, but the wine hasn’t suffered from the experience. In fact this seamless, silken-textured Pinot Noir is very seductive indeed. I detected a real vineyard character – red cherry, violets and subtle spices and a sinewy structure covered by a flesh of sweet fruit. Score: 95 ★★★★★ – view on

Alcohol: 13.5%

Aging: 2015-2023

Food: Lamb rack with parsnip puree, cauliflower dumplings, saffron, aioli & mint jelly

Stockists: Caro’s Wines, Auckland; Regional Wines, Wellington

Ranked #4 of 23 2013 Pinot Noir tasted from Martinborough

Price Benchmark: $55.19 Avg 95pt 2013 Pinot Noir tasted from New Zealand

Winery Rating: 98.0 Weighted average of their top 5 recently tasted wines

Price Rating Map & Vintage Chart: How does this wine fit into the winery’s range?

Craggy Range Te Muna PNoir 2013

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