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Bell Hill 2012 Pinot Noir, North Canterbury $120

This is a wonderful expression of power delivered with great subtlety. It appears to have been made with a light touch that captures influence of site and vintage. A mix of mineral, subtle floral flavours with cherry and spice. Alcohol/fruit sweetness is perfectly balanced by gentle acidity and delicate tannins. Very impressive Pinot Noir that justifies its cult status. (Screwcap) Score: 98 ★★★★★ – view on

Aging: 2015-2025

Food: Roast venison

Stockists: Bell Hill, Waipara

Ranked #1 of 28 2012 Pinot Noir tasted from Waipara

Price Benchmark: $75.00 Avg 98pt 2012 Pinot Noir tasted from New Zealand

Winery Rating: 97.2 Weighted average of their top 5 recently tasted wines

Price Rating Map & Vintage Chart: How does this wine fit into the winery’s range?

Bell Hill 2012 Pinot Noir 360

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