Cabernet can

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  1. Simon Groves says:

    As a now and then maker of Cabernet sauvignon and definite fan of the variety I was surprised to see the fact that area dedicated to cabernet has shrunk so markedly. It is a wonderful grape, very enduring of conditions and at the same time requiring a lot of patience and attention to viticulture to get things right. Perhaps site selection has been an issue. But, I think the attention to detail it requires in the vineyard perhaps hasn’t been to its favour. But, the effort is worth it for grower winemakers in particular.

    As for physiological ripeness. The old element of “the greens” rears its head often whether the wine is SE Australian, Chilean or modest level Bordeaux. It is sometimes signature and certainly seasonal. Let us hope we don’t undervalue this grape in NZ. Good vineyards, good producers always make it well.
    Great to read such positive thoughts for the variety and the 2013 Hawkes Bay wines.

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