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Craggy Range 2013 Le Sol Syrah, Hawke’s Bay $105

Craggy Range’s flagship wine from a vintage that has been hailed as “once in a lifetime”. Dense but not a heavy wine, lithe rather than blockbuster although certainly not lacking power. Tightly packed flavours. including dark berry, Oriental spices, oak and a suggestion of floral characters are gradually displayed and will continue to be revealed as the wine ages. A truly classic Le Sol. Score: 98 ★★★★★ – view on

Food: Seared lamb fillets

Stockists: Caro’s Wines, Auckland. Advintage, Hawke’s Bay

Ranked #1 of 20 2013 Shiraz tasted from Hawke’s Bay

Winery Rating: 98 Weighted average of their top 5 recently tasted wines

Price Rating Map & Vintage Chart: How does this wine fit into the winery’s range?

Craggy Range Le Sol 360

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