Gourmet Traveller WINE sold

4 thoughts on “Gourmet Traveller WINE sold”

  1. Brad W says:

    Best wine magazine I have ever turned the pages of.

  2. robert joseph says:

    To someone with many years of involvement with, and observation of, the global wine publishing scene, this looks like very encouraging news. Surprisingly to some, Australia and NZ are actually far better places to publish wine titles than most of Europe: there is a keen, sophisticated audience and an industry that understands marketing. Even so, specialist publications like this really do better under small ownership, provided the pockets are deep enough to weather hard times.

  3. jennifer says:

    “The largest readership of any wine magazine in Australia”.
    Pull the other one.
    Amazing what slips past the fact checker when you have a vested interest.
    I know of two other Australian wine magazines with larger readerships.

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      Roy Morgan December 2014: Gourmet Traveller Wine – 94k readers, Selector 77k, Wine Companion 66k. What are your figures? And please disclose any vested interest you have.

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