Tasmanian Wine Show

Five gold medals were awarded to the 2013 pinot noirs entered in this year’s Tasmanian Wine Show, an impressive hit-rate of 10%. My tasting notes for the 49 wines have been posted on the app, together with the 2013 rieslings, 2013-14 pinot gris and grigios and 2013-14 sauvignon blancs from this show.

The 2013 Tassie pinots are lushly fruity wines, and the best need a bit of bottle-age to mellow and bring forth their innate complexities.

Gold medals went to Dawson & James (tasting), Home Hill Kelly’s Reserve (tasting), Home Hill Landslide (tasting), Stoney Rise (tasting) and Thicket Hill (tasting). I also liked Goaty Hill (tasting), Moores Hill (tasting – it’s a hilly place, Tasmania!), Milton (tasting), Kelvedon (tasting), Home Hill Estate (tasting), Freycinet Louis (tasting), Bay of Fires (tasting), Eddystone Point (tasting), Page’s Creek (tasting) and Devil’s Corner Resolution (tasting).

The 2013 rieslings were a small-ish class topped by gold medallists Waterton (tasting) and Eddystone Point (tasting), with Pressing Matters R9 (tasting) also impressing.

Tamar Ridge ’14 (tasting) topped the pinot gris class, while Ghost Rock (tasting) and Derwent Estate (tasting) also shone. There was one lonely silver medal which topped the sauvignon blancs: 2014 Bay of Fires – tasting (but I also liked the ’14 Tamar Ridge – tasting and ‘13 Bream Creek – tasting).

The wines from the museum class, including some wonderful aged sparkling wines and rieslings, have also been posted plus the tasting notes from the Avery pinot noir forum, which is held in Tasmania concurrently, and these include some stunning wines such as five 2001/02 Domaine Armand Rousseau grand crus (tastings) and two Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue grand crus, Musigny (previous tastings) and Bonnes Mares (previous tastings), from the same period. Breathtaking wines!

The remainder of the Tasmanian Wine Show notes, including the 2014 rieslings, will be posted next month.

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