Leaf-blowers, peace destroyers


Why would anyone use a motorized leaf-blower? It’s just a loud advertisement that says to the world: “I am a moron”.

“Come and see the moron cleverly blowing a few leaves from A to B and making more noise than an F/A 18 taking off”.

I blame that large hardware shop that uses
red and green colours and starts with B for the epidemic of these pointless and
destructive gadgets. Destructive because they destroy peace and serenity, and
god knows, peace and serenity are hard enough to find in the city like Sydney.

Pointless, because they do nothing that a
rake or a straw broom can’t achieve much more quietly. Brooms and rakes also
give the user some exercise, and is it just my imagination, or do most of the
users of motorized leaf-blowers look as if they sorely need more exercise?

And talking of that certain hardware
warehouse, like most house-keepers, I’ve been suckered into buying my share of
tacky, flimsy rubbish from this store, only to have it fall apart in short
order. They succeed because they sell stuff very cheaply, but there’s a reason
why it’s cheap. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

This mob has been advertising leaf-blowers
for under a hundred bucks, and just like Pavlov’s salivating dog, every
lazybones rushes out and buys one. They’ve done us all a massive disservice. I
can only hope that, like everything else B sells, these gadgets will blow up

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