Huon’s Christmas quiz


It might be holiday time, but you need to keep those brain cells working! So put aside that whopper crossword, and that boxed set of Mad Men videos you got for your Chrissie pressie, and have a go.

The deadline is tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight. Several very good entries have been received but, so far, nobody has got it all correct. The prize, a mixed case of ‘eminently drinkable vino’, will go to the entry with the most correct answers. The winner’s name, and the complete answers, will be published here on January 14.


1. In which French vineyard is a stain a good thing?

2. Which Bordeaux red wine would you assume goes well with roast beef?

3. Name two Victorian wineries where someone has a Leunig fixation.

4. Australian shiraz which used to be a loner?

5. My father was Irish and my mother French, and my nephew is a famous Australian painter. Who was I, and who is the artist?

6. What is believed to be the oldest cabernet sauvignon vineyard in the world? (tip: it’s Australian)

7. Microbiologically, not a desirable name for a male winemaker.

8. Who was Taiwanese-born, blind in both eyes from early childhood, and made his name as a winemaker in the land of the long white cloud?

9. Which winery marketed the first sauvignon blanc grown in Marlborough?

10. New York-born with a Lithuanian parentage, came to Australia where he changed his name and left a watery, foolhardy legacy.

11. During the First World War, what were these Barossa Valley names changed to? Mt Kaiser Stuhl; Gnadenberg; Siegersdorf; Hoffnungsthal.

12. Who was the great mentor of the late Dr John Middleton, founder of Mount Mary Vineyard?

13. Which famous French white wine comes in a unique bottle with a capacity of 620ml? Why this bottle size?

14. Who was the first trained female winemaker in Australia, and what was her winery?

15. I am German-born, trained not as a winemaker but an accountant, who made a chance decision to be the first resident winemaker at Lindemans Ben Ean winery, where within a few years I had made two of the greatest Hunter wines of all time. Who am I, and what were the wines?

16. What was the first sweet white wine deliberately made in Australia from botrytis affected grapes? (include the vintage!)

17. Name five grape varieties legally permitted in Australian wine labeled moscato?

18. My passions are traditional winemaking and old Murray River paddle-boats. Who am I, and who was the McLaren Vale winemaker who gave me $10,000 to start my winery?

19. Name two countries that have two wine vintages per year.

20. Who left the corporate winemaking world to become the biggest vineyard owner in McLaren Vale and is well on his way to being the biggest in the Barossa?

Email your answers to by midnight on January 7.

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