Sav blanc and semillon

With summer here and the holiday season starting up, it’s time for light-bodied, fresh, young, dry white wines, and I have just uploaded about 120 sauvignon blancs, semillons and blends of the two.

Most of these are uncomplicated everyday-drinking, fridgeable whites which won’t break the piggy-bank. They are mostly 2014 vintage wines, with some 2013s and – especially, among the traditional style semillons – some older vintages. The stars among the cellar-aged semillons are the four Tyrrell’s 2009s (Vat 1 – tasting, HVD – tasting, Belford – tasting and Stevens – tasting). These are simply magical wines, for which every true Hunter semillon lover should be lining up. There are also superb mature Hunter semillons from Tintilla (tasting), Meerea Park (tasting) and De Iuliis (tasting). Among the young wines, Briar Ridge (tasting), Peppertree (tasting), Gartelmann (tasting) and De Iuliis (tasting) rang my bells. I can’t imagine any better wine than Hunter semillon for summer drinking with virtually any food from the sea.

There are, however, many excellent sauvignon blancs doing the rounds. Karrawatta A Block (tasting), Jericho Fume Blanc (tasting), Millbrook (tasting), Larry Cherubino’s The Yard (tasting) and Cherubino labels (tasting), and from New Zealand, Lawson’s Dry Hills (tasting), Craggy Range (tasting), Mount Riley (tasting), Mud House (tasting) and Misty Cove (tasting) gave me the most pleasure.

Among the blends, I especially enjoyed Cape Mentelle (both the regular SBS – tasting and the Wallcliffe – tasting), Canobolas-Smith (tasting) and Houghton Crofters (tasting).

Good drinking!

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