Aldi cleans up at wine shows

Newshounds were phoning me during last week to ask if I thought Aldi’s recent wine show success was legit. Of course it’s legit. Aldi supermarkets have been leading the way recently with cheap wines that are great value for money.

The crowning success was to win best value for money red wine at the Canberra National Wine Show 2014, with the Tudor Central Victorian Shiraz 2013 ($12.99 – previous tastings).

And at the recent Sydney International Wine Competition (2015), Aldi landed a swag of awards included the same Tudor Central Victorian Shiraz 2013 winning the trophy for best red table wine of competition and SIWC perpetual trophy for best lighter bodied dry red table wine of competition, and a Top 100 blue gold medal. As well, Monsigny Premier Cru Champagne ($29.99 – tasting) won the trophy for best sparkling wine of competition and a Top 100 blue gold medal. Top 100 blue gold medals also went to A.C. Byrne & Co Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014 ($9.99 – previous tastings), The Pond Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 ($6.99 – tasting), and blue gold medals to El Toro Macho (Spanish) Tempranillo 2013 ($4.99 – previous tasting) and A.C. Byrne & Co McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013 ($9.99 – tasting).

I’m a little surprised at the Monsigny Champagne doing so well, but it depends on what else was entered in the show, of course. But I’m not surprised at the other results: Aldi wines have come up often in my own tastings in the last couple of years and I’ve reviewed several in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section. 

Aldi also did well in the Royal Hobart Wine Show 2014, with South Point Rose 2014 ($4.99 – tasting) winning top gold medal in its class; and Tudor Central Victorian Shiraz 2013 (again) winning gold.

Sydney resident Jason Bowyer, formerly of Fine Wine Partners, is doing a great job sourcing good value wines from around this country, while his colleagues are doing the same thing in Europe.

If you don’t believe the results, try the wines yourself. They won’t break your piggy bank!

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