Out now! The Wine Guide 2015 by Huon Hooke


Get ready for a wine guide like no other with the release of Huon Hooke’s ‘The Wine Guide 2015’ in conjunction with Gourmet Traveller WINE. This Wine Guide has a different format from any other on the market. Made with a hard cover, it’s beautifully designed and presented, and has tasting notes for Huon’s top 1500 Australian wines released over the last year. Turn the book over and you have a second book containing ratings for 10,000 wines from all over the world. Buy “The Wine Guide 2015” here.

Special, innovative highlights within Wine Guide 2015 include Vintage Charts, and Wine 360 Rankings and Price Benchmarks, all of which have been adapted from the HuonHooke.com website and iPhone app.

Vintage Charts give you a graphic view of the previous vintages and show you how the current release stacks up in relation to its forebears.

Wine 360 Rankings tell you how a wine stands in relation to others of the same variety, region and vintage. For example, the Vasse Felix 2012 Chardonnay shows that it’s ranked 6th out of 51 Margaret River 2012 chardonnays tasted (as of October).

Price Benchmarks help you see value buys at a glance. For example, the Price Benchmark for 94-point rated 2012 Australian chardonnay is $48.10, while the Vasse Felix is priced at $29. You can immediately see that it’s good value.


The Wine Guide 2015 works in tandem with the free Huon Hooke app and Gourmet Traveller WINE app, which contain over 35,000 reviews. You can also upgrade to the premium features for $17.99 per year. Both are available at the iTunes store.

The Wine Guide 2015 is available in all good book stores for $49.95, with signed copies in Kinokuniya bookstore on George Street, Sydney. You can also purchase online here: https://www.magshop.com.au/the-wine-guide-2015

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