Bindi honour their mentors

Acknowledging their mentors has always been important to the Dhillon family of Bindi Winegrowers. Bindi, one of the leading Macedon Ranges wineries, has re-designed its labels and changed some of its wine names, starting with the newly released 2013 vintage.

Key people in the evolution of Bindi have been enshrined on the labels, either in name or pictorially. The inscrutable face of Kostas Rind, the “Lithuanian sage” and teacher at Ballarat Grammar School where he mentored Bindi founder Bill Dhillon (later introducing him to wine) adorned all of the early Bindi labels. He remains on the Kostas Rind Chardonnay (tasting), which is the new name for what was formerly the Composition Chardonnay (previous tastings). The 2013 is a fine wine, although the 2013 Quartz Chardonnay (tasting), which keeps its name, is in a higher league befitting its higher price. It’s an outstanding wine. Bill Dhillon passed away last year at the age of 75.

With the 2013 Bindi pinot noirs, the flagship wine Block 5 (tasting) and the second-level Original Vineyard (tasting) retain their names, although the new-vintage Block 5 label bears the face of Stuart Anderson, who was a key mentor of winemaker Michael Dhillon (pictured above), and another sage of the Macedon and Bendigo wine regions. Anderson was founder and winemaker/owner of Balgownie Estate (tastings) for its first couple of decades, before shifting his attention to pinot noir and colder climes.

Finally, the entry-level Bindi pinot, which used to be named Composition (previous tastings), is now called Dixon Pinot Noir (tasting), in memory of a pioneering family of Gisborne headed by Henry Dixon, whose descendants farmed the land that is now Bindi. Bill Dhillon married one of Henry’s descendants and Henry’s face is on the label. 

The wines are all very good, and true to the vineyard style. The pinot noirs are very delicate, perfumed, fine-boned, and quite light-coloured; the chardonnays are likewise restrained and finely structured, the 2013 Quartz being my pick of the crop: a great chardonnay indeed.

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