Wine Gadgets: Torkscrew

Have you ever encountered the recalcitrant screwcap? It is a rare but intractable beast.

I must say I seldom find screwcaps difficult to open, except for the occasional bottle that appears to have bypassed the machine that perforates the break-line between the collar and cap. They can be very annoying, as they never break as they’re designed to. Sometimes the entire cap and collar comes off, which is fine, but sometimes you can’t get any of it off, which means the only way to get access to the vino is to cut the aluminium yourself using something sharp and potentially damaging to your hands.

Recently, a friend rang to ask if I could help: his ageing parents, losing strength in their hands, were having trouble opening regular screwcaps. Is there a gadget that could help?

Well, I replied: there’s any number of useless, expensive and ineffective wine gadgets on the market, but none that opens a screwcap, as far as I know. Until now.

Enter the Torkscrew.

It seems like the perfect solution – although I must stress that I haven’t road-tested one yet. It resembles a regular waiter’s friend type corkscrew on which has been grafted a cup-shaped piece that presumably grips the cap and allows extra torque to be applied. It looks like a great idea. And it’s not expensive: US$19.95 from this website:

I’ve ordered one. 

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