Nebbiolo Magic

Love nebbiolo? You can’t pass up the 2010 Barolos, then. This is an outstanding vintage, as my recent week tasting in Piedmont proved.

At Nebbiolo Prima I tasted more than 400 nebbs, the majority Barolos from 2010 (tastings). There are also many 2011 Barbarescos (tastings) and a smaller number of Roero nebbs, and of course the Barolo Riserva, this year from the 2008 vintage. It was my fourth year at this amazing event and possibly the most rewarding yet, as the 2011 Barbarescos are excellent and the 2008 Barolo Riservas also.

Some of my usual favourites were there, Vietti (tastings), Paolo Scavino (tastings), Luigi Pira (tastings), Luciano Sandrone (tasting), Marchesi di Barolo (tastings), Brezza (tastings), Castello di Verduno (tastings), Chiara Boschis (tastings), Cordero di Montezemolo (tasting) and Gianfranco Alessandria (tastings), but as always there were new discoveries. This year these included Cascina del Monastero (tastings), Angelo Negro (tastings), Mario Marengo (tasting), La Fusina (tasting), Matteo Correggia (tastings), Cascina Adelaide (tastings) and Josetta Saffirio (tasting). The styles are also quite diverse: I find I enjoy equally the finer, more perfumed and less-tannic ‘Burgundy-like’ styles just as much as the more powerfully built, tannic, concentrated wines. And many permutations in between.

A bonus with the 2010 vintage is how approachable these wines are: I could enjoy drinking many of them straight away. Happily, the dried-out, leathery, hard as nails, acid-and-tannin Barolos of the distant past are now a rarity. There’s a lot to enjoy.

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