Wine Gadget Road Test: The Premium Wine Card

Over the years, I’ve trialled many gadgets that were claimed to ‘improve’ wine. 

Magnetizing pourers that you jam in the neck of the bottle; electric machines that supposedly magnetise the wine as they slowly rotate the bottle inside a bucket; untold different kinds of aerating devices; all manner of gadgets that sell for substantial sums of money to the gullible. The usual promise is that the treatment softens and improves the wine. None of them did what they claimed to, as far as I could tell.

The latest such gadget to come my way is the Premium Wine Card. This is a credit-card sized slice of black steel that costs $115 (including express postage anywhere in Australia). The instructions are these: pour a glass of any red wine (red is specifically stipulated), then hold the Premium Wine Card against the bowl of the wineglass for 15 seconds; wait 10 more seconds, then drink (see video). “Your wine will taste softer (better),” the press release promises.

With an assistant, I performed triangular taste tests with several young red wines and none resulted in me being able to identify the ‘improved’ or ‘softened’ wine. The press release uses impressive phrases such as ‘resonance technology’. It says the card has been ‘energised’ with a ‘unique and universal thumbprint to resonate in a way which we are patenting, now unknown to others, making it capable of influencing the palatability of many kinds of edible matter, including the wines we drink.’


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