Whites From Left-field

Here I go again, extolling the virtues of left-field white varietals and blends. A feller can only drink so much chardonnay, riesling, semillon and sauvignon blanc.

We need variety in our diet. Among the 85 ‘alternative’ white variety reviews uploaded this month are fiano, vermentino, arneis, viognier, verdelho, gewürztraminer, marsanne, roussanne, gruner veltliner, chenin blanc, torrontes, and a whole lot of pinot gris/grigio.

Grab a bottle of the Ben Haines Warramunda Marsanne (tasting) and you’ll see what I’m excited about: subtle complexity, generosity of flavour without fatness, and lovely seamless texture.

Of the gris/grigios, Tasmania shone, with Bay of Fires (tasting), a trusty performer, and Andrew Pirie’s new wine, Apogee (tasting), scoring strongly. For something different and affordable try a bottle of Rutherglen Estates Renaissance Viognier Roussanne Marsanne (tasting).

There are also some fine imports from Italy, none more fascinating than the Fattoria la Rivolta whites (tastings) from Campania: fiano, greco and falanghina. Jam-packed with interest. 

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