Pinot Parade


Jeffrey Grosset’s 2012 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir (tasting) heads the list of stellar performers among the 83 new release pinot noirs uploaded this month. It is a truly sublime pinot and worth the $80 asking price. The latest lot of pinot reviews are mostly from Australia and New Zealand. As I’ve said before, the 2012 Australian pinot vintage is very strong.

There are many more goodies. The latest releases from Seville Estate (tasting), Eldridge Estate (tastings), Neudorf (tasting), Spy Valley (tasting) and Spy Valley Envoy (tasting) are all very good, and the best value for money trophy (if I had one to give) would go – not for the first time – to Hoddles Creek Estate for its trio of $17 Wickhams Road pinots: Yarra Valley, Mornington and Gippsland (tastings). They’re amazing value.

Mud House (tastings), Cloudy Bay (tasting), Maude (tasting), Forrest (tasting), Shaky Bridge (tasting), Grasshopper Rock (tasting), Big Sky (tasting) and others from New Zealand impressed. So did Crittenden Estate (tasting), Tarrawarra Estate (tastings), Hardys Eileen (tasting), and Devil’s Corner Mt Amos (tasting), from Tasmania’s Tamar Ridge winery, is a real surprise package. Why not pan-fry a duck breast, or grab a Chinese Peking Duck takeaway, and settle down with a bottle of fine pinot. 

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