‘La Schapelle’ Dinner Wit. Fair?


I’m not as fascinated by the dramas of released drug smuggler Schapelle Corby as much of Australia seems to be, but the debate over whether or not she should be allowed to profit from selling her story has me scratching my head.

If you believe in the justice system – ours or Indonesia’s, it makes little difference – you surely have to agree that the woman has done her time, and thereby repaid her debt to society. She paid a hefty price for exporting a bag of cannabis to Bali (where it’s surely not in short supply), and that’s that. Nine or 10 years out of her life. And a great deal of suffering. If you agree that the penalty should fit the crime, hers was a massive penalty. Her story is her story: let her do what she chooses with it.

The Prince Wine Store, in Melbourne, is promoting a Paul Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle dinner with a picture of “La Schapelle” behind bars. Clever? Yes. Witty? Yes. Opportunistic? Hell, yes. But fair? Not really. Give the gal a chance, guys. (The dinner, on April 1, sounds great, by the way.)

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