Riedel Has Designs On Muscat


I’ve always been a fan of Riedel crystal stemware (we can’t really call them wine-glasses, as they’re not glass!), but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s as much about clever marketing as it is beautiful drinking vessels.

Riedel pumps out new designs – indeed, whole new ranges of glasses – at a jaw-dropping rate. There’s a glass for everything, with or without a stem. Whisky, water, you name it; the Coca-Cola glass must be just around the corner. And the decanter range is extraordinary, especially considering hardly anyone decants wine these days.

I recall being involved in the research tastings for an Australian shiraz glass shape many years ago. So it’s with some fascination that I’ll be in Rutherglen on March 19 to try out the designs Georg Riedel proposes for a Riedel Rutherglen muscat glass. Georg himself will be there, but his feet will be barely touching the ground.

The busy and energetic Austrian globe-trotter will be in Rutherglen from precisely 9:35 to 13:40 hours before jetting off to his next gig in New Zealand (for a Marlborough sauvignon blanc glass, perhaps?). The proposed glass – sorry, crystal – is of course an acknowledgement that Rutherglen muscat is one of the world’s great wines, as Riedel doesn’t produce regional designs for just any old plonk. I’ll keep you posted. 

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