Exciting Changes to Huonhooke.com

We’ve just made the following improvements to Huonhooke.com:

Improved Browsing:

By adding 20 more grape varieties and eight more regions to our website, you can now search for varieties as obscure (in Australia, not in Greece!) as agiorgitiko and malagousia, not to mention arneis, nero d’avola and aglianico.

Improved Smart Search:

We’re returning more accurate results, faster, on both the HuonHooke.com website and iPhone App.

Improved Rankings and Price Benchmarks:

We’ve improved the context of our rankings by ensuring that each ranked region contains at least 15 wines.

Our price benchmarks are also now country-wide to ensure better relevance.

We think these changes make the web-site and phone app more useful and we hope you’ll agree – and tell all your wine friends about it!

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