Duvet Doldrums

It was a hot January day when I checked into the Canberra hotel. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” asked the receptionist as she handed over the key.

“What’s on the bed, a blanket or a duvet?” I inquired. “Why, a duvet,” she replied. “What country are we in?” I asked, risking sounding like a smart-arse. “Australia.” “Yes, it’s Australia, not Scandinavia. And what season is it,” I asked, suddenly seized with Doc Martin-like intolerance. “Summer.” “Yes, it’s summer in Australia, not winter in Norway, and you have a duvet on the bed.” “Well, there’s a blanket in the wardrobe. You can change it,” she said helpfully. “Why should I have to re-make the bed, especially when I’m paying such a ridiculous amount of money just for a place to sleep?” I countered.

Yes, you guessed it, I’m fed up with duvets on Australian hotel beds, all year-round. Often, there’s not even a blanket in the cupboard. You come in late at night, there’s no-one at reception, and you have to crank the aircon up to freezing just to get a night’s sleep. 

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