Tasmanian Magical History Tours

Anyone visiting Tasmania interested in old buildings and historic machinery should see the Callington Mill at Oatlands. This is a wondrous thing indeed, built in 1837 on a windy hilltop in the centre of Tasmania, to grind the grains of the local farmers into flour.

It’s claimed to be the only fully functioning restored Georgian windmill of its type in the southern hemisphere. And function it does, producing wheat flour which you can buy at the mill shop, along with rolled oats and other products. You can buy loaves of bread baked with its flour across the main street at the Companion Bakery. We enjoyed a slice with a terrine at the mill’s café, and took a loaf away to enjoy at lunch the next day.

That this remarkable building and the technology it houses date back to the early 1800s is a cause for wonder, even if today’s millers look down their noses at stone-grinding as antiquated technology, bettered by roller milling. Watch the Youtube videos of Mark Laucke, head of the renowned South Australian flour milling family company Laucke Flour, and reflect that in most industries, including wine, progress has brought better machines and better ways. Still, that knowledge needn’t stop us respecting and being fascinating by old stuff.


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