Pub With No beer!


I stopped at the Harrietville pub to pick up a case of beer for my week of summer R&R in the ski resort of Mount Hotham. The place was nigh on empty. A bored-looking girl behind the bar attended to me after texting someone on her phone. I asked for two dozen long-necks of Mountain Goat Hightail Ale, which I’d spotted in the fridge. “We’ve only got what’s in the fridge,” she replied. “Well, I’ll have those, and make the rest up with (Little Creatures) Rogers,” I countered.

She disappeared out the back, returning some minutes later to announce they only had the Rogers that were in the fridge too. I said “Alright, I’ll have what Rogers and Hightail you’ve got in the fridge and make the rest up with Coopers Pale Ale.” “Oh, we like to keep some on display,” she whined, at which point I was tempted to remind her, this place is a pub, isn’t it? And pubs sell beer, don’t they?

Finally, she begrudgingly filled a box with 12 Coopers, and six each of Hightail and Rogers. She rang it all up on the till. “That’s $100,” she announced. “Are you serious?” I said, politely, I thought. “I was expecting to pay about $60 or $70. Can’t I have the case prices, or at least a discount for buying two dozen?” “No, we have to charge the single-bottle price for a mixed lot,” she whined. At this point I just wanted to leave, so I paid and went.

Later checking revealed Dan Murphy’s sells 2-dozen cases of Coopers Pale Ale for $49.99, Rogers $58.99 and Hightail $70.99. I should have just taken a case of Coopers and saved $50, but she probably would have charged me for the unpacking.

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