Ho Ho Ho From Huon

I’m not a great believer in Christmas although I do think the end of the year is worth celebrating or at least marking, and Christmas-New Year is a time for reuniting with family. The end of a year is a psychological marker, a full-stop following the often-frenetic activity of the preceding 12 months. It’s a time for taking stock, of looking back over one year, and then of looking forward to the next one, and making plans for it.

I don’t go in for the frantic shopping and gift-giving that the community has been suckered into by the advertising and commercial sectors. But I do go in for some of the feasting and opening of good bottles, simply for the reasons outlined above. We all have some achievements worth celebrating.

Over the past few weeks I’ve written columns about white wines for summer drinking, the best Champagne and non-Champagne sparkling wines, and books to give as Christmas presents. All are accessible on huonhooke.com, so I won’t repeat anything here. But I would add a gift idea of my own: a subscription to huonhooke.com. For $14.99 a year for the iPhone app, or $39.99 a year for full website access and iPhone app, you can access all my writings and wine reviews. I upload around 400 to 500 new wine reviews each month and my blog gives you regular news items as well as summaries of the highlights of what I’ve tasted for each month. If you’re interested, email us at team@huonhooke.com to organise your gift.

That’s the end of the shameless plug. My very best wishes to you and your loved ones for a safe, happy and relaxing festive season and a rewarding new year. 

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