Chasing The Road To Plonk

Wine is certainly a subject that lends itself to comedy – or at least a good send-up. Which is what Nathan Earl and Greg Condie are doing as we speak. They’re shooting a web series called PLONK, which will be launched in February.

The show follows a television crew as they travel around the NSW wine regions trying to produce a show. If the trailer is any guide, it will be fun. The crew seem unusually accident-prone. As you’ll see at the road trip starts in the Hunter Valley where there’s an accident involving a Wine Dogs book and Bruce Tyrrell’s left eye, then the Canberra district, where there’s another mishap with one of Ken Helm’s vats, leading to serious-looking riesling spillage. Winemaker Andrew Thomas confronts a ‘wine expert’ with a bad haircut, and some vines receive an unscheduled irrigation. I’m looking forward to seeing the show.

The cast play comedic caricatures of themselves. They include Chris Taylor (of The Chaser fame) as the show’s celebrity front-man, Nathan Earl as the producer struggling to juggle investors’ dollars and talent expectations, and Josh Tyler, the ‘expert’.

According to the publicity blurb, “Unpreparedness, creative differences and downright incompetence are at the heart of the action as our team scours the countryside in search of fine wine, eccentric people and exciting stories. Their hearts are in the right place, if only their camera was as well.”

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