Grassy Varieties For Summer Salads


There seems no end to our love of sauvignon blanc and associated styles, led by the semillon sauvignon blanc blends from Western Australia.

These light, fresh, crisply herbaceous dry whites are just the shot for drinking in a hot Aussie summer. They team well with the kinds of foods we eat then, especially fish and all manner of seafood, salads and cold meats.

I find Hunter Valley semillon offers great refreshment with better balance and charm than most sauvignon blancs and SSB blends. It has little of the vegetal pungency of many New Zealand savvies nor the shrill sweet-and-sour palate, and there are few better drinks with cold seafood.

Peppertree, Thomas Wines, Bimbadgen, Krinklewood and Gundog Estate are serve up the goods, while the Western Australians I favoured were the less-pungent examples, such as Hay Shed Hill, Lenton Brae, Willow Bridge Estate, Cape Mentelle, Singlefile and the various Larry Cherubino brands – which never disappoint.

And now, as Monty Python said, for something completely different, there’s an astonishing 11-year-old De Bortoli dry botrytis semillon – for just $15!

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