China and HK lead growth in high-value wine exports

Australia has recorded its highest-ever average value of wine exports at $10 a litre or more, according to the industry’s export report for the year ended September 2013.

The increase of 4 percent took the average value to $19.14 a litre. China and Hong Kong led the growth in these high-value exports, now accounting for 42 per cent of those exports.

China leads the way, followed by Hong Kong. While the total volume of wine exports fell by 3 per cent, in keeping with the long-term trend, to 684 million litres (valued at $1.78 billion), the average value increased by 0.4 per cent to $2.61 a litre.

A lot of our export wine is in bulk, which keeps the average value low, but there was a 3 per cent rise in the average value of bottled exports, to $4.54.

“The average value of bottled shipments to China increased by 5 per cent to $6.64 a litre – the highest since 2006 – while the average value of bottled wine to Hong Kong was up 17 per cent to $10.99 a litre,” said Wine Australia’s acting chief executive, Andreas Clark.

“While the volume of exports has declined overall and across many of our major markets, the growth at higher and more sustainable prices is a positive trend and one we need to build on to improve returns for grapegrowers and winemakers.

“Bottled wine exports to the US grew 16 per cent in the above $7.50 a litre segment, which is encouraging and supports recent research that shows the US is ready for the quality, regionality and diversity of our wines at higher price points.”

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