A new wine cellarage facility in Sydney

A new wine cellarage facility, Artisan Wine Storage, has opened in Sydney. Located 15 minutes from the CBD in Lane Cove, the cellarage operates at 12 degrees Celsius, lower than other storages, which CEO Eamonn Egan says is critical, and unique in the Southern Hemisphere.

Humidity is 55 to 75 per cent. “Essentially, we can elongate the lifecycle by slowing down the maturation process,” says Egan. “If it happens to be Penfolds Grange, we can effectively add 15 years of life to the bottle; it’s a fantastic result for the owner of those products.”

Another key feature is cloud-based wine management technology, which enables clients to enable them to sell their wine direct to consumers without having to find the right sales channel. This is done by accessing sales partners online.

Egan says this vital point of difference to other cellarage facilities comes at a time when the Winemakers Federation of Australia estimates that Coles and Woolworths control 77 per cent of domestic wine sales, and direct sales to the consumer are the biggest growth area for wine sales. There’s also an on-site tasting lounge for events, promotions, product launches and wine dinners.

Tel: 1300 350 456

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